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Dealertrack’s LOS alternative allows you to convey deal status and funding information to your dealers in real-time.

The Dealertrack credit application network allows application data to flow directly into your credit organization system (Loan Origination Systems or LOS). If you don’t want to invest in an auto credit origination system, consider CreditSuite.

CreditSuite is hosted through Dealertrack, providing lenders an easy, cost-effective way to communicate with dealers, and allowing you to receive credit application data and deal information. With the use of CreditSuite, your credit analyst team can view application data submitted by your dealers, request a credit bureau report and return electronic decisions for more efficient dealer lending.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates dual data entry, significantly reducing data entry errors.
  • Enables 24/7 application processing through auto-decision.
  • Receive fully completed loan documentation meeting your approval conditions.
  • Saves overhead costs.

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