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What is Tradetracker?

Tradetracker® is an online trade appraisal management tool that can help improve your trade-in process. It allows your sales team to create proper and concise appraisals consistently. It also provides insight into your complete used car operation.

With Dealertrack Tradetracker, you will add professionalism, credibility and trust to the most contested step in the sales process – the trade-in appraisal. The system puts in place a consistent and compliant process for your staff, guiding them to ask all the right questions on every trade-in. It also requires a signature verifying the accuracy of the information that is collected and stored within Tradetracker.

By tracking your appraisal data electronically, you can measure the strength of your sales team and wholesale partners. The system automatically compiles the reports needed to conduct meaningful sales meetings, identify training needs and learn marketplace trends. Using real-time and accurate data provides the basis to identify opportunities and increase your bottom line.

Features and Benefits:

  • Stock the right mix of vehicles based on transactional data specific to each dealership and region.
  • Make better informed buy and sell decisions with integrated book values and Manheim Reports.
  • Identify core vehicles and how to maximize profitability on all used vehicle inventory.
  • Automatically match vehicles on your buy list to the run list of favorite auctions.


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