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Dealertrack Mobile

Stay on top of your dealership’s credit
and contract activity.

Take your deal workflow to the next level with Dealertrack's mobile app.

Securely track the pulse of your deals within the finance workflow on your mobile device. Whether you are away from the dealership, on the lot, or in the showroom, you can access credit application and contract activity easily.

Dealer management, sales and F&I staff can actively track deal status. Lender executives, relationship managers and credit analysts can review look-to-book and approval-to-book analysis to stay on top of account activity.

Install these apps and gain added productivity in the palm of your hand.

iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad users download here.
app store

Android device users download here.
Google Play

Contact your Dealertrack administrator at your dealership or lending institution (otherwise known as the DIO or LIO, Dealer/Lender Information Owner), to grant you access.

The following features must be activated to use the mobile App:

Dealer Mobile access: Application status, Contract status, Mobile access, Customer inquiry.
Lender Mobile access: Application status, Contract status, Mobile access.

Features and Benefits:

  • Get secure access in real-time on your deals in process.
  • Monitor credit app and contract activity.
  • Available on iTunes and Google play.

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