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Securely capture consumer credit application

Improve the quality of leads from your website.

Dealertrack’s secure online credit application, CreditOnline, is an easy way to capture consumer data from any page on your website, or from emails or other online marketing campaigns. You can offer a short form inquiry to consumers based on your dealership’s finance criteria, or allow consumers to complete a full online credit application.

Once the consumer enters their information into the credit application, the detail is integrated into the Dealertrack Network under the My Leads tab. With online credit application functionality, you can simplify the F&I process while generating quality finance leads.

Dealertrack’s auto-lead data format (ADF) integration enhancement with DealerSocket eliminates duplicate entry or manual export of information for our CreditOnline dealers. When a lead is completed within CreditOnline, basic information like year, make, model, and customer contact information is automatically sent to Dealer Socket without any manual involvement on the part of the dealer.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Generate quality finance leads through short form inquiries or full credit applications.
  • Integrate financing into vehicle inventory workflows.
  • Push consumer data into the Dealertrack Network.
  • Capture partial leads even if the consumer abandons the process before they’ve submitted the finance application.
  • Mobile responsive.
  • Allows the dealer user to avoid duplicate entry or manual export of information from COL to DealerSocket.


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