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Dealertrack Network and Credit Bureaus

The industry’s leading credit application platform.

The industry’s standard for automotive, RV, marine and powersport financing.

Featuring the industry’s largest financing network, Dealertrack provides free, fast and easy connections to your financing sources including all major Canadian financial institutions, OEM rate subvention programs, and a full spectrum of non-prime lenders and credit unions. Dealers across multiple asset types can take advantage of the credit application platform including automotive, RV, leisure, marine, and powersport.

From requesting credit reports, to building and submitting credit application data, to checking on the real-time status of contracts-in-transit, Dealertrack delivers all the functionality you need to drive more vehicle sales, expand your customer base, accelerate the speed of your financing process and build stronger customer relationships.

Credit Bureaus

Understanding your customer early on in the sales process helps you put your customer in the right vehicle with the right finance source. Connecting with a credit bureau service allows you to pre-qualify your customer with a few simple clicks. When you're getting your customer's vehicle sale financed, you’ll need a reliable and secure source to process critical and sensitive customer credit bureau queries. The Dealertrack Network meets that need by providing you access to your customer's credit history.

Our credit bureau service is integrated within the Dealertrack Network. As a result, accessing stand-alone credit bureau systems is no longer needed. Duplicate data entry and double logins are eliminated. In addition, bureaus requested through the Dealertrack Network qualify you for competitive pricing.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Connect to your credit bureau report providers instantly.
  • Get credit decisions in seconds from your preferred lenders.
  • Instantly receive status updates with our Instant Notification tool.
  • Transfer credit app data between Dealertrack and other systems with DealTransfer.


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